Restaurant in Banja Luka 

Are you a tourist or you live in Banja Luka? Are you looking for the place with the best food? We suggest you try two restaurants with beautiful ambience and dishes prepared for you by top chefs.

For those enjoying traditional cuisine, the ideal place is our traditional restaurant Integra. For international cousine, the Italian restaurant is just next door. 

Two restaurants with colorful outdoor dining areas that are within the hotel Integra complex are ideal for good time, great meetings and enjoying the excellent local and internaltional food.

Raznovrsni domaći specijaliteti složeni na stolu u smeđim posudama u restoranu Integra

Offer of the traditional restaurant Integra

If you take the visitors’ book in the traditional restaurant, you will find out that you came to the best traditional restaurant in Banja Luka ever. The step forward that should have been taken, by offering the food and the ambience in the spirit of tradition, was made by us, and guess what – it was more than success. The staff of the traditional restaurant will try their best to make you feel like you came to your oldest family members’ hearth. We guarantee that this experience will be perfectly harmonized and memorable.

When your day starts with authentic local coffee, aromatic and thick, followed by French toast or cicvara (traditional porridge) made per recipe from grandmother’s box, you can be sure you are at the right spot. When you bring your business partner for lunch and offer the perfectly prepared perch from upper Vrbas River, you should know that all successful business contracts were made in advance. But what we care the most about is the family and the family idyll we constantly strive for. For that reason, keep your weekends for your loved ones and for family lunch of the best lamb meat in town. Or, book unforgettable parties with the sounds of tambourines, playing according to the repertoire of the soul, toasting with homemade brandy “Stršljen” or some good wine from the rather long wine list.

Offer of the Italian restaurant Integra

Our other restaurant, international – Italian restaurant is just a coule of steps away. There, we offer the most delicious world specialties and popular dishes of Italian cuisine. The restaurant has adopted the practice of large world restaurants, with modern interior, friendly staff and delicious food. In order to be recognized at the top of the restaurant offer, we brought top experts and chefs from Italy who revealed their little secrets to us. Pizzas from the Integra restaurant are still without competition, and Napolitana is on a par with the best Italian pizzas. Here you will certainly find a large selection of pastas of unique recipes. Speaking of Italian restaurants, this is also a great place for a night out. All you have to do is choose your team and choose your favorite cocktail based on gin, vodka, or maybe some interesting wine or some other refreshing drink. Take our word for it, in the outdoor area of the Integra restaurant you will feel as if you are in a beautiful place somewhere in Italy. Summers here are warm and intended for the best times. The outdoor sitting area of the Italian restaurant is of incredibly hedonistic color. There, Red Bull really gives you wings, Hendricks gin awakens the imagination, Belvedere vodka brings you down to earth with its infusion in the form of herbal and refreshing notes. Angels from Provence are also whispering in this place, falling at the mention of the most delicious cakes and cookies, offered by the restaurant’s menu.

We are different from others and many cannot resist our charm. So choose part of our great offer and be productive in your meetings, pampered with your family and most importantly, be happy! For your happiness, as well as ours, we will continue to do our best to offer you an unforgettable holiday in the first-class accommodation of the Integra Hotel, in addition to the top food and drink offer in the most popular restaurant in Banja Luka. In an idyllic setting, you will find intimacy and elegance here, because this is the most famous Banja Luka oasis of hedonism!